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2016-07-05 12:00:00 CEST

Can you dig it?

More beach volleyball terms to get your head around

This is how you dig it! Photocredit: Martin Steinthaler.This is how you dig it! Photocredit: Martin Steinthaler.

After a perfect week in Poreč we’re now gearing up for the Gstaad Major!

Thousands of fans will flock to the Gstaadium this week we can’t wait to get the paaaarty staaarted! (Sorry that’s the last time we do that, honest).

Last week we gave a little introduction to the terms you’re likely to hear on court or read in newspapers, press releases and tweets – and, because it’s our mission to inform the world about beach volleyball, here’s our next instalment. We hope they makes sense…

Chicken wing. You’ll know this when you see it. You’ve probably even done this yourself. Probably on the dancefloor. Anyway, in beach volleyball terms, this is when a defending player digs the ball away from danger, bending their arm into the shape of a chicken wing. Like we say – you’ll know this when you see it.

Cut. *Popular beach volleyball term alert* And you’ll hear this a lot this week. And you’ll be purring with approval when you see it. It’s the sexy shot that makes all players look gloriously smug with themselves. And who can blame them, it’s a slick shot played at an extreme angle. Also called a cutee – naturally.

Dig. *Overused beach volleyball term alert* In every tournament, every match, every rally one of these bad boys will be executed. Put simply, it’s the first defensive action following an attack. Spectacular digs occur when a player dives on the sand to keep the ball alive and in play. It’s a real crowd pleaser.

Facial. Also known as a six-pack or tattoo, this is, as you can imagine, occurs when a defending player takes the ball full in the face. Ouch. Six-pack? Yep – it’s written in beach volleyball folklore that the player on the receiving end buys the spiker a six-pack of beer. Tattoo? Let’s just say if you get hit the ball will leave its mark on you – so if your friend has ‘Mikasa’ imprinted on their forehead, you’ll know why.

Fish. Nobody likes to be embarrassed, especially on court in front of thousands of laughing spectators. Players caught in the net in attempted block will be referred to as a fish, for obvious reasons.

Float. An unpredictable serve, a float, or floater is exactly how it sounds – it floats over the net.

Friendly fire. Another potentially embarrassing moment for our beach volleyball star – especially for the player on the receiving end of his or her partner’s serve which whacks them on the head/back/backside instead of sailing over the net.

That enough for now – keep your ears open for these this week. And we’ll deliver the next instalment soon.

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