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2016-07-06 17:22:00 CEST

Kerri Walsh Jennings: Gstaad injury in top five moments of my career

A lot has changed in a year for Kerri Walsh Jennings since she was last in Gstaad

Kerri won her face match at Gstaad today since last year’s drama. Photocredit: Daniel Gollner.Kerri won her face match at Gstaad today since last year’s drama. Photocredit: Daniel Gollner.

American superstar Kerri Walsh Jennings says her quarterfinal victory at the Gstaad Major 12 months ago ranks in her top five beach volleyball moments of all time.

At last year’s Gstaad Major together with partner April Ross, Walsh Jennings beat Brazilians Agatha/Barbara after recovering from a dislocated shoulder during an epic match on the Gstaadium Center Court.

And, at what she calls her favorite World Tour stop, Kerri is hoping for better luck this time around after she had to forfeit the semifinal last year due to the injury.

“Last year’s quarterfinal will stick in my mind forever,” said Walsh Jennings after she and Ross beat Swiss youngsters Eiholzer/Gerson on the first day of Pool Play.

“It was what sport is all about. You never want to see someone injured, but to do that – comeback and fight so hard, especially against such a great team, on Center Court in my favorite tournament in the land – it was very, very special and I will never forget it.

“The camaraderie of the Brazilians, the support of the crowd and of my partner – it just gives me chills thinking about it.

“It was very, very special and one of the top five moments of my career so far.”

Kerri believes the dramatic injury sustained 12 months ago has gone on to make the team stronger.

“It was the biggest blessing of our career so far together,” she told us. “My injury brought us much closer together. We’ve added tools to our tool chest and helped us get mentally, physically and emotionally stronger.

“My shoulder feels very strong, very stable – but importantly the cohesiveness of our team was sealed forever.”

Now, despite losing their first match in the Pool Play on Wednesday morning, Kerri is eyeing gold.

“We’re planning on making it to the Saturday and to the final day,” she said. “We lost our first game so we know we’ve got to clean up our game but if we play how we know we can, we’ll be great.”

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